Keeping Warm in Wintertime ❄

I’ve been traveling with my wolf pack in my silver dog house now for almost two whole years!  We travel all the time and even in snow.  At first when I saw snow I was so curious!  Then I realized it was really cold.  I didn’t know what to think about it:

But I went with the flow and grew up a little bit.  And got a little tougher, at least I like to think so.

My mom dresses me super warm and in layers. All depending on the weather.  If it is in the 20’s outside, she will first put a wool sweater on me.  Then on top of that she puts a waterproof warm winter coat that has a hood. Hoods are good in winter.  Hoods are awesome.  Hoods are very necessary because little ears like mine get cold very fast.

They also give you an awesome hairdo when you take it off.

Then she puts a warm blue neck gaiter on me.  Because she loves me.


And in my Fundle pet sling she puts hand warmers in the side pockets and this warm heating pad/disk thing for me to sit/lay on.  It really is important to have that when it’s freezing outside.  Big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs — we all will get cold and when we do, our main core is the first place to go to warm back up.  So why not start warming up from the very beginning my (super smart) mom says.

Then my mom tells me, “Oliver, when the tips of your ears get cold, even with all of your layers — it’s time to go inside and warm up until your sweet little ears aren’t cold anymore”

Then I give her a big lick kiss :)


At the end of the day, we all come home and this is my favorite part — snuggling up in my sheepskin bed.

That my mom made me.

Because she loves me.


I hope that I was able to teach you how to keep warm in wintertime *WOOF*



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