Life With My Mom ♥

My dad took this picture of me and my mom after we skied down a hill together.  We took a ski trip with the Airstream to Schweitzer Mountain Resort and we had so much fun ♥

ImageWhenever mom can, she takes me with her – everywhere.  There I am in my Fundle Pet Sling with my Doggles on.  I wasn’t happy about them but after skiing down a hill and all the wind I was sure glad she put them on me.  A lot of people really seemed to like them on me too because everyone kept taking pictures of me everywhere we went.


Here I am in my outfit.  Pretty spiffy wouldn’t you say?  My mom made me that scarf, I love it — it’s super warm.  It came from a sleeve of her cashmere sweater that daddy accidentally washed in very hot water (oops daddy).

When we got back into the Airstream it was kind of chilly so my mom took care of me and bundled me up in my doggie bed.


ImagePretty soon I got too hot so out I climbed to relax . . . froggy style

And when it’s time to go to bed,  she lets me sleep all cozy and cuddled next to her.  Daddy doesn’t seem to mind :)

I was so happy on this trip.  I loved being with my wolf pack family !!



2 thoughts on “Life With My Mom ♥

  1. Hi Oliver, It’s Tillie! My mom showed me your pictures and I am so happy to see you in your fundle and doggles…because I just got my fundle yesterday! Mom & I are getting ready to leave the house for some shopping, and I get to try it out for the first time in public. I’m so excited! Mom wore it around the house yesterday with me in it to see if I liked it, and I didn’t want to get out! It’s very comfy and I like the way my body lays in it. And that headrest is to die for! My old sling was too small because, being part dachshund, I am a wee bit long in the torso. I must say that it looked very cold there…my mom takes me and my siblings to play in the snow every year, but I don’t love it. Good for about 15 minutes, then I’m cold! But maybe if I had my nice warm fundle… hmmmm. Also, keep wearing those doggles…sometimes I like to take mine off when we are off-roading on the motorcycle, and then my mom needs to get them back on me to keep the wind and dust from my eyes. I know I need them, but still…. On the bright side, you’ll get used to them the longer you wear them!

    Tillie <3

  2. Oh my dawg Tillie, I am so happy you wrote to me! My mom says you may be coming out in your silver dog house to visit Washington. I’m so ruffin’ excited !!! The fundle did help keep me warm but tell your mom to add hand warmers to the pockets, it worked great and even my tail stayed warm. The doggles are great and I’m so happy I had them because my eyes water if it gets to windy. I wish I could ride off road like you, you are SO brave!! I can’t wait to see you one day !!!! LOVE Oliver *WOOF*

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