A Dream Girl For Me ♥

Sometimes my mom meets the best people online and I am so happy that she does because check out my dream girl — Tillie.  Can you see the resemblance?  Ahhh if only we lived closer — we would be a perfect match!

Tillie - Olivers dream girl

Tillie lives in Arizona with her human wolf pack and is 2 years old and I am pawsitively over the moon in love with her.  Just check out her serious sense of  Canine Wanderlust!  Off roading in the BMW motorcycle is her favorite all time outdoor adventure.

Now that’s my kinda girl !!  Just check out her ears!

IMG_4715 IMG_4711

Tillie was featured in the BMW magazine for her sense of Wanderlust ♥

Image 39

Tillie’s mom says:

“Tillie does like to ride around in our dinghy, and she always wears her lifejacket. ;-)”


Tillie’s mom continues:

“This is the only picture I have of Tillie on a sailboat, because I’m always in the boat with her and usually holding her.”

Image 22

Tillie’s mom also says:

“Kayaking is my favorite thing, and it’s growing on her.”


Off roading in the motorcycle, sailing, kayaking — what’s left?  Oh yes — bicycling !

2012-10-19 16.36.36

I’m so happy that I could share Tillie’s sense of adventure with you.  I really hope to meet her one day and my mom really hopes to meet her mom.  What fun that would be!

Now all we need to do is hitch up the Airstream and head south!



4 thoughts on “A Dream Girl For Me ♥

  1. Well, as Tillie’s mom, I have to say I love this post! ;-) I showed it to Tillie, and she says she can’t wait to meet Oliver one day….and she hopes to have her very own Airstream by this time next year!

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