Canine Wanderlust: Welcome ♥


Oh, why hello there :)  My name is Oliver and I am a terrier mix puppy.  I get to live in a house and an Airstream with my wolf pack.  Do you know what an Airstream is?  It’s a big (big for me  — I’m pretty small) silver house on wheels that even has a kitchen.  My wolf-pack and I travel all over the Pacific Northwest and it’s a lot of fun.  I get to meet new people, see new places and best of all, I get to be with my wolf pack, all at once — together.

My mom works hard every day in a place she calls corporate America. Sometimes I get to go with her!  But mostly I stay at home with my dad and brother.  When my mom goes to work I watch her leave from the window and I’m sad:

Watching my mom leave for work

But I don’t stay sad for long!  I get excited because I get to go to the bus stop with my brother and see all the school kids.  I wish I could go to to school too.  Then my dad walks me home and I get to sniff everything along the way back home.   I’m lucky my dad lets me sniff all I want.  Trees, grass, bushes, leaves and bugs even.  I just can’t sniff enough!

I feel very loved and get lots of kisses and hugs everyday.  My mom especially loves to carry me around in her arms.   She tells me she loves me all the time and if I could I would tell her I love her too.  I just give her lots of kisses – I think she knows.

My wolf pack brought me home when I was only seven weeks old.  I was only two pounds according to the treat scale at the pet store.  Here I am in the Airstream for the first time:

Oliver two pounds on the Airstream

When my mom put me on the sofa and walked away to take a picture, I got a little scared.  This was all very new to me!

Ollie in the Airstream

Hurry up mom . . .

Oliver in the Airstream

And here I am today in the Airstream, almost all grown up (and  scared no more *woof*)  I really like how my furry coat turned out now that I’m almost all grown up.  Some people call me scruffy or wiry but my grandpa (Pappa) likes to call me “Struppie,” he tells us its means “fuzzy,” in German.  My grandma (Bubbie), gets really upset at Pappa when he calls me that.  I don’t mind!

Ollie all grown up

Canine Wanderlust is going to be my blog!  A dogs blog *woof!*  I’m going to keep track of some pawsitively awesome places to visit and things to do.  I will share some of my favorite things and a lot more with you.  My mom helped me make that menu to the right so you can have an idea of what’s to come.

Speaking of adventures, here are some of the places my wolf pack and I have been since they brought me home on January 1, 2013.

I was only four months old in this picture.  We went on a big ski trip to a place called McCall, Idaho.  My mom took me in my cozy warm pack all the way up to the top of Brundage Mountain on the chair lift.  Everyone was skiing at the top and people were really surprised to see me up there.  Some people even stopped to take my picture.  I got to sniff a lot of hands that day – fun!


That’s my super cozy warm coat my mom bought for me before our trip.  I was happy to have it because it was brrrrr cold and there was so much snow. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the snow when my mom placed me on it for the first time . . . but I knew one thing soon, I loved to run in it!  Super fluffy stuff.

Oliver in McCall Idaho

I also went to the beach!  When winter turned into spring . . .

Olivers first time on the beach

Pretty soon it started raining when we were walking on the beach.  Hurray!  We could go back into Airstream and be lazy and just lay around eating treats!  Then my mom was excited because she remembered she had brought my new rain coat along so we could continue on . . .

I was excited about my rain coat too.

 But not really.


That’s my dad.  He’s awesome.  I love him a lot.  He’s super patient with me and he loves to play ruff with me — mom doesn’t like it when we do that.  She worries too much.  He’s sitting on the chair waiting for the tide to go out so we can go and get clams from the beach.   He’s also wearing mom’s boots.  She gets super annoyed when he does that.

Rest a While RV Park

Mom always makes sure I am comfortable.  What do you think of my glamping chair?  Every canine should have his/her own glamping chair!  Canine’s unite!

ollie-glamping ollie-glamping2_Snapseed

Our summer days and beach time were fun but now that the weather is getting chilly my mom thinks it’s cute to put sweaters on me.   I think I look like a moose!  I feel like I am a moose !!

What do you mean I’m not a moose?!R8

My wolf pack also takes me fly fishing!  My mom puts me in my bag that she carries on the front of her body and into the river we go!  When boats go by people smile and wave at us!  They ask my mom if she’s teaching me how to fish!  Hah!  My mom even caught a fish once and she was crazy-excited!  My dad called it a sardine.  I could tell my mom wasn’t happy with what that comment.  I think she fed him some of my treats for dinner that night.

R9 R14

That’s my big brother B.  He’s the best.  Really.  He is so much fun.  He loves to run around the house with me.  I run super fast — I think he’s starting to learn that he can’t out run me.  He gives me lots of kisses and hugs.  I like to jump into his bed in the morning and give him kisses to help him wake up.  He’s the best friend any doggie could ever ask for.


And this is what the inside of our Airstream looks like!  Pretty comfy huh?  My mom really likes to cook us yummy food in the kitchen!


Like this French toast she made one morning.  I even got my own little piece :)  My mom posts all of her recipes on our other blog called “Just 5 More Minutes.”  You should check it out!

Airstream Breakfast

Mornings are fun when we are glamping.  Here I am!  Can you see the horses? I love them.  I pull super hard on my harness and drag mom along until I get close to them.  She picks apples from the trees and we feed them.  When they are chewing I get to sniff their noses and if I’m lucky I can even give them a kiss.FallHarvest25


Phew!  That was a long post, but it was fun !!

I hope you follow me along!!  Mom and dad say we have some fun trips planned like skiing again with the Airstream!  Well, not with the Airstream but you know :)



8 thoughts on “Canine Wanderlust: Welcome ♥

  1. Hi Oliver, My mom told me about your blog and I came over to check it out. Wowzer, we both are lucky that we have such good wolf packs who take us everywhere. Do have a favorite toy ? I do, any ball is my favorite, I love to retrieve-I could retrieve all day if my mom and day would play with me that long. I’m going to follow your blog so I can tell my pack about the new places you go to and maybe they will take me. Maybe you can come and visit me in Florida when we move there-we can run and play on the beach all day. Woof woof, Hailey from the Roadtrekgirl pack !♥♥

    • Hi Hailey!! Thank you for being my very first visitor and commenter, I’m super excited! My favorite toy are my dad’s shoes. He always forgets to put them away in the shoe box (where they belong) which is good for me because I love to rip them apart to smithereens! I would love to come and visit you in Florida – maybe your mom can bake us some yummy cookies, my mom says your mom can really bake and cook! Keep in touch my furry friend xoxo *woof*

  2. What a great blog, Oliver. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful pack who loves you so much.
    Can’t wait to read more of your travels!

  3. Dear Monica,,,, Sorry it has taken me so long to check out Oliver’s wonderful site ;) ,,,,,I just love it <3 You are such a talented young lady ;) and fortunate to have such a cuddly family!! I said it before and I will say it again…..can you please think about adopting me if things don't work out with them….lol Sending warm hugs from Canada <3

  4. Hi Oliver…You are one lucky dog (ha! no pun intended)! I can’t wait to hear about your favorite things and especially your travels in that fancy silver dog house you ride around in. xoxo

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